Limited Edition Sewing Thread Card style handmade business cards designed
for Montreal-based fashion label Matière Noire Studio.
To reflect the high-quality and hard-working nature of the brand, materials were carefully picked and combined together. Letter-pressed on 100% cotton Lettra Fluo White paper and each card hand-wrapped with natural black cotton thread that helped connecting raw materials used in the fashion directly with the brand identity.
Matière Noire (French for “dark matter”), is a Montreal-based contemporary fashion label that focuses on creating locally produced sustainable and high quality pieces.
Matière Noire collections are characterized by mixing femininity/masculinity and tradition/modernity.
INSPIRATION: Vintage thread cards and sewing thread samples that the thread is wrapped around the card.
Brand: Matière Noire
Photographer: Ali Inay
Print House: That Sky Blue Stationery
Printing Method: Letterpress
Paper Stock: 100% Cotton - 220#C Crane’s Lettra® Fluo White
Finishing: Die Cut
Thread: 100% Natural Cotton Black
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