- Lock Lighter

Question: Why do people steal lighters?

Friends don't steal!
Such a big lie! They do!
They accidentally and forgetfully take your stuff!
For a lot of people it's just a bad habit!
We pick up the lighter, use it, and stuff it in our pockets without even giving it a thought. These are things we are used to having in our pockets, and just tend to put them in our pockets by habit, even if they aren't ours.

boonghand is the first mechanical combination lock lighter, that saves your lighter from the lighter thieves. Lifetime Guarantee!

+ Set Your Own Code! (Comes with 0-0-0). Easy to Set - Never Forget!
+ Combination - 3 number dials, 1,000 possible combinations.
+ Security Code can only be reset by a person knowing the combination.
Step #1: Set the dials to the correct combination and pull up the shackle.

Step #2: Turn the shackle 180 degrees, and push shackle in.

Step #3: Use the lighter. Go back, and push shackle in and turn one or more dials, the shackle should lock.

Step #4: Leave your lighter on the table safely! Nobody can use it!
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